Injection Mold Table

Injection Mold Table

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The most significant advantage of an injection mold table is to save you time during mold changeovers.
Our ergonomically efficient table provides safe mold changing for quick operations in an injection mold
changeover process. They are carefully designed to simplify the entire operations of opening, closing,
and gaining access to the different parts of an injection mold for cleaning, repair, maintenance,
preparation for injection, or assembly for fitting and manufacturing, among many others.
Materials used
Our injection mold tables are made of premium industrial components for added durability. Apart from
using durable materials for our tables, we follow strict manufacturing and construction standards.
With a capacity to hold molds in excess of 50,000 pounds, the optimized bed structure of our mold
tables allows for flexible injection mounting. They are safe to use, cost-effective, durable and service-
friendly, and capable of growing with your production in the future. Additionally, our adjustable
injection mold tables have loads of options to be adapted for different mold types for safety and optimal
If you are unsure of the type of table you need, do not hesitate to give us a call. One of our team of
friendly staff members will be available to help. Trust us; our injection mold tables are 100% guaranteed
to make your next mold instantly available during the changeover process.
Note: Custom sizes are also available upon request.
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